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Handling the system department of Native Camp, one of the largest online English language schools in Japan, FORTY DEGREES CELSIUS, INC., is engaged in the business of Information Technology (IT) and IT-enabled services such as web development, web translation, handling, and managing of computer data, processing, storage, systems design and analysis, creative services, programming, data communication and consultancy for foreign clients.

Our Values



We strive to constantly improve all aspects of our business and technical processes. With the goal of providing visionary and inspired solutions for our clients and the company at large.



Constantly challenge ourselves to execute brilliance and consistency in providing the highest quality of service. We seek and enhance the best talents through our company’s continuous personal and professional development.



Collaborate and complement teammates to accomplish common goals while delivering exceptional service.



We uphold the values of honesty, dependability and sincerity while remaining fair and ethical in conducting business matters.

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